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When Carly Mitchell makes a plan, she’ll do whatever it takes to reach her goal. But after she signs up for a Valentine’s 10k with her boyfriend, he presses for a more serious relationship. Not wanting to give false hope, Carly breaks up with him three weeks before the 10k. She goes to the event anyway, planning to switch from the Couples race to Singles. Instead, she finds herself paired with a man she hasn’t seen in five years–the very man who left her at the altar with a broken heart.

Matt Benson got talked into the 10k by a coworker and friend. It sounded like a fun idea until the coworker gets sick and Matt finds himself face-to-face with the woman who hasn’t left his mind since their wedding day gone wrong. Matt never had the courage to tell Carly the real reason he left her at the altar. Is now his opportunity?

This just might prove to be the longest six miles of their lives…unless they can open up their hearts and give love a second chance.



The Light of Your Smile

Two years after her husband’s passing, young widow Taryn Richards is just coming out of the cave of her grief. With only one Christmas spent with her late husband as newlyweds, Taryn considers it a victory to set up a small Christmas tree in the corner of her home. But a new neighbor named Zeb moves in, and the handsome but eccentric man has decked out his house in an over-the-top lights display for the holidays, complete with music and animation. Taryn’s sleep is disturbed and her patience is thin.

When a snowstorm blows in and knocks out Taryn’s electricity, she’s forced to rely on Zeb to escape the cold. Will she retreat back to her shell once the storm passes? Or will she let her new neighbor nudge her into a life of wide-open possibilities, including love?



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