A Season of Work: When God Says Go

Life has a way of slipping by, doesn’t it? When I realized almost a year had passed since my last blog post, I knew it was time to drop in and share what God’s been doing lately. And man, has He been busy! Here’s just a sampling…

In the early part of 2013, I went through what I called a season of sacrifice. God had asked me to lay down my writing for a season, to honor Him by knowing Him more and pouring my heart into my family. It was a beautiful, weightless season that grounded me and strengthened my faith.

Then shortly after, I announced to my Facebook friends that I’d signed my first fiction contract–a novella project with three other authors that was to release with B&H Publishing in October 2015. One month later, I learned that B&H was closing their fiction line and the novella project was off the table.

All this time, a new story had embedded itself deeper in my heart and mind, and I felt a distinct pressing from God to start writing again. I had a few Moses moments and said, “Are You sure, God?” To which He said, “Go.”

So here I am, back to juggling writing and motherhood and life in general. Let’s just say there are moments when I ask, “Can’t You call me back to a season of sacrifice? It was sooo much easier focusing on You and my family.”

But just like God led the Israelites through the desert–His cloud and pillar of fire telling them to sit still at times and then move at others–the same is true for me. I don’t necessarily know where I’ll end up, but I’m trusting that He knows. And in the meantime, He’ll provide enough manna and quail to sustain me. (Or a personal chef and housekeeper would suffice.) 🙂

So that’s where I am, friends. Still doing my best at this thing called life. I may pop in here from time to time, but I’m not at a place to commit to regular posts yet. (I do update my home page every few months, and if you haven’t already found me on Facebook, rumor has it that I visit there more frequently.)

No matter what season you find yourself in, I pray this post finds you in the center of God’s will, breathing in His deep and lasting joy.

God bless,


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24 Responses to A Season of Work: When God Says Go

  1. Heidi Chiavaroli

    So happy to hear from you, Sarah! I’ve found myself in a similar place these past several months, and I so enjoyed reading where you’ve been and how God is speaking to you. God bless!

  2. Hello sweet Sarah! How wonderful to see you in my inbox this morning! 🙂
    I, too, had to step away from writing for a season. When I was able to jump back in, the publishing world had changed so much, but I don’t regret for one moment the decision to focus on family and other commitments. You did the right thing.

    I know God is continuing to work through you and your writing, and I’m believing in extraordinary things for you, agent-mate and friend!


  3. Love these words, Sarah, because it seems that you and I are living parallel lives right now. A season of life with young children and a heart for writing– it calls for sacrifice in some areas (like you, I’ve set aside my focus on writing to focus on my family) and the ability to balance and juggle our requirements in other worlds. Praying for you, friend. Know I understand completely!!

  4. Joyce Meyer says, “When the cloud doesn’t move, you stay put.” But when the cloud moves…

    Looks like it’s moving. 😀 You will have all you need, to do all that you need to do.

    Waving and smiling.

  5. So nice to read what God is up to in your story, Sarah! I’m excited to watch what this year holds for you!

  6. territiffany

    It’s always amazes me how God whispers to us what the next plan us. Sometimes! Other times we don’t hear him and fumble along. Sounds like you are right where he wants you!

  7. Hello, my friend! Loved seeing this post show up in my inbox. And even more, loved catching a glimpse of where you are in this journey of life.

  8. It’s so nice to see you here again, Sarah. I know just what you mean about the seasons in life. I took a bit of a break after ACFW and have now picked up my pen once again. It feels good to be “back in the saddle again,” but also a little strange. I’m praying for you as you adjust to this new season. I’ll even add a couple of prayers in there for a chef and housekeeper. I wouldn’t mind reciprocation… 🙂

  9. Sarah, it’s great to hear from you and catch up on your news. I hadn’t realized your novella was one of the projects that went by the wayside when B&H ceased publishing fiction. I’m so sorry to hear that.

    I’m excited to hear that you’re writing again. Doing so while working and mothering will be challenging, but if the Lord’s called you to it, I trust Him to make the time you need for it. I wish you oodles of enjoyment as you put words on the page.

  10. Great to hear from you, Sarah! I love how you listen to His voice. Blessings in this season!

  11. It’s nice to see what’s been going on with you this year! I’ve missed seeing you, but of course, I understand completely. Blessings to you and your family! 🙂

  12. Sarah,

    I’m awed by your season of sacrifice. What a beautiful thing and what a precious offering to the Lord. In this new season, as you wait so patiently and savor what’s around you, I applaud you as you keep going at the pace that feels right for you. Sometimes taking a step back is just the thing to do. Hugs! It was lovely meeting you in person at ACFW!