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There are times in life when it’s clear we need to hit the Reset button.

I’ve come to one of those times.

My blog has been quiet. My life has been busy. And my health has taken another step backward in recent months. (Having two partial hysterectomies in three years will do that to a person.)

I’m happy to say I’ve finally gotten a clean bill of health from my doctor. (Woohoo!)

But as a fitness instructor who knows what it feels like to be in peak physical condition, eight weeks of surgery recovery have sent me off the wagon of good habits. I mean, way off. As in, “It’s perfectly healthy to eat cookies for breakfast, lunch, and supper, right?”

The sad thing is, even though I know in my head what I should and shouldn’t eat, sugar and processed foods have ways of sticking their addictive claws into a person.

I’d love to think my superwoman-sized will can help me overcome any obstacle, but there comes a time when we have to recognize we need more than good intentions. We need an overhaul of our habits and patterns.

Starting this week, I’m embarking on Advocare’s 24-Day Challenge.* It’s an intense, transformative mind-and-body change–one I’ve been through in the past. Which means I also know it can be crazy-hard to stick with, especially on those days when my hubby comes home with Dunkin Donuts and I can’t partake. *sigh*

Since I’m an overachiever, I figured why not breathe life back into my blog and seek accountability from you, my amazing friends?

These next few weeks won’t be easy–and they won’t always be pretty–but will you walk through it with me? Maybe we can change our habits together.

Thanks for joining me, friends!

*My completion of Advocare’s 24-day challenge is not a personal endorsement of Advocare or any of its products. Advocare’s products may cause adverse health effects in some people and shouldn’t be entered without full understanding and consultation with a physician.


Overhauling Habits and Patterns | www.sarahforgrave.com

Why I’m Doing an “Extreme” Diet for 24 Days
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