Only one week left in the 24-day challenge!* I can’t believe how fast it’s gone! This has gone on record as the easiest challenge I’ve undertaken, and I’ll share the reason why after we look at today’s stats…

Breakfast: Meal replacement shake

Lunch: Leftover tuna cake, baked potato, and steamed veggies from last night

Supper: I made pasta for my family and reheated a serving of turkey chili for myself.

Snacks: Banana; Apple slices with crunchy peanut butter; Unsalted peanuts with raisins

Tea of Choice: Teavana green tea – jade citrus mint

Exercise: Zumba

Energy Level: Pretty good. I hit a lull after lunch, but once I ate a good protein/fiber snack, I snapped out of it.

Other Observations:

As I said above, this has been one of the best 24-day challenges I’ve undertaken so far, and the main reason is PLANNING! In past challenges, I’ve pseudo-planned, but often found myself scrambling last-minute to think of a meal or snack within the guidelines. Since a clean diet wasn’t second nature to me, I would just end up frustrated and feeling negative about the whole process in general.

This time around, I’ve literally planned all my meals and snacks in advance, writing them down and adjusting my grocery list accordingly. Does it require more work upfront? Yes. But I know where I’m headed. Plus it gives me flexibility if I want to change things up on a particular day. I’ve done this a lot, especially with snacks. Making an adjustment becomes an empowered choice rather than a last-minute resort.

After the challenge is over, I plan to continue this habit. Even if it isn’t as detailed as it’s been these last couple weeks, I want to do whatever I can to stay motivated toward my goals.

That’s it for Day 17! Thanks for following this journey with me!

*My completion of Advocare’s 24-day challenge is not a personal endorsement of Advocare or any of its products. Advocare’s products may cause adverse health effects in some people and shouldn’t be entered without full understanding and consultation with a physician.

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24-Day Challenge, Day 17: The Importance of Planning Ahead
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