I’m getting close to the finish line!* Woohoo! I’ve started introducing small tastes of “non-cleanse” foods back into my diet. Not that I plan on blowing my health after this is over, but I’ve learned in the past that a balanced approach works best for me long-term.

All right, let’s look at today’s stats…

Breakfast: Meal replacement shake

Lunch: Scrambled eggs; Asian cashew slaw; Blueberries

Supper: Mexican bowl with lettuce, diced tomato, shredded low-fat cheese, and a small dollop of sour cream

Snacks: Banana; Unsalted peanuts with raisins; Cherries

Tea of Choice: Pomegranate white tea

Exercise: Zumba

Energy Level: Not all that great, to be honest. It’s been an extraordinarily busy summer, and as much as my diet has helped improve my energy levels, nothing works better than…well, sleep. 🙂

Other Observations:

It’s been interesting to contemplate emotional eating while on the challenge, particularly how I respond to stress. The writing life brings a lot of ups and downs, and I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t avoided the disappointments so many writers come up against.

As I’ve faced moments of emotional angst or disappointment in the past few weeks, my go-to “crutch foods” haven’t been an option, which has forced me to deal more deeply with the underlying spiritual issues. Rather than running to the pantry (which I would’ve done before the challenge), I’m relying more on prayer and God’s Word to comfort me.

I won’t lie…this has NOT been easy! But it’s a much-needed discipline in my life, and I know I’m better for it.

Okay, that’s it for Day 22. Only a couple more entries like this, and then I plan to take a short break. I’ll be back with post-24-day challenge observations, as well as more tips and recipes I’ve discovered along the way.

See you tomorrow!

*My completion of Advocare’s 24-day challenge is not a personal endorsement of Advocare or any of its products. Advocare’s products may cause adverse health effects in some people and shouldn’t be entered without full understanding and consultation with a physician.

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24-Day Challenge, Day 22: Conquering the Pull of Emotional Eating
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