Last week I finished Advocare’s 24-day challenge*, and I can’t WAIT to share the results of this intensive health overhaul with you! (If you’re interested in what prompted me to do the challenge in the first place, you can read more about it HERE.)

In the days following the challenge, I’ve found that my new habits have really stuck. Yes, I’ve eaten a few small treats, but they don’t hold the same addictive power they had over me before the challenge. I truly crave healthy, clean foods and am feeling the rewards!

All right, so let’s get to the numbers. Here are my official results:

Over the course of the 24-day challenge, I lost a total of 4 pounds. That’s a little over one pound per week, so I was happy with my steady, healthy rate of weight loss!

Even more exciting was my loss in inches! In total (measuring waist, chest, thighs, and hips), I lost 7 inches of my body. But get this — 3 of those inches were in my waist alone! I went from my clothes feeling tight and uncomfortable to feeling like they fit perfectly again…maybe with a tiny bit of wiggle room. Hoo-rah! 🙂

24-Day Challenge Before and After |

If you read my post about body composition, these stats are proof that I officially met my goals! Many people who do the challenge might see a higher rate of weight loss. My first couple challenges (trying to lose baby weight a few years ago) helped me lose 8-10 pounds. Since I started this challenge at a healthy body mass index (calculated HERE), I wasn’t expecting a drop in pounds, but I hoped for a drop in inches and overall improvement in muscle tone.

Accomplishment complete! 🙂

A little side note: The before and after pictures shown above are NOT meant to be a “Look at me!” kind of thing. I really hope that if you’ve been thinking about embarking on a new diet or fitness regimen, seeing the changes will serve as inspiration. Mine was only a four-pound change — If you’re facing a bigger weight-loss journey, just think what changes you’ll see by the end!

All right, that’s it for today. I’m looking forward to sharing new recipes and tips in future posts!

*My completion of Advocare’s 24-day challenge is not a personal endorsement of Advocare or any of its products. Advocare’s products may cause adverse health effects in some people and shouldn’t be entered without full understanding and consultation with a physician.


24-Day Challenge: Before and After Stats!
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2 thoughts on “24-Day Challenge: Before and After Stats!

  • July 20, 2015 at 8:04 am

    SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You did great!!!!! And you look great – even though I know that’s not what you were looking to hear in writing this post. The shorts I have on now NEED some wiggle room!! 🙂

    I’m contemplating training for a race this fall. I mean I AM going to race, I just haven’t decided my distance yet. I have a feeling if I shoot for the long one, that will help the wiggle room!! 🙂

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