If I had to define my summer in one word, I would not use the term “lazy.”

Between travels, family and volunteer commitments, getting back in shape after my surgery, and then my son’s recent health scare, life has felt like one of those clunky carnival rides that spins you around and around until you’re begging to get off.

And yet, even in the midst of “busy,” God has moved.

I don’t think it’s an accident that I started my summer reading the book Addicted to Busy by Brady Boyd.

Talk about convicting, motivating, and reassuring all in one!

I saw Biblical evidence that God not only gives me permission to rest; He WANTS me to rest.

As I’ve put the principles of Addicted to Busy into practice, here’s what I’ve discovered: God’s voice is best heard in times of quiet.

Maybe you’ve heard the story of Elijah in the Bible (found in I Kings 19). If not, let me summarize.

Elijah was an Old Testament prophet who had received death threats and ran away to save his life. He was discouraged and could only see the immediate problems before him.

So what did God do? He instructed Elijah to go stand before Him on a mountain. So Elijah did. And he watched and waited.

A fierce windstorm came. Then an earthquake. Then a fire.

I can just picture Elijah ducking into the safety of his cave while the wind howled outside. Bracing his tired legs as the earthquake shook everything around him. Covering his face to protect from the heat of the fire. He might have even said, “Okay, Lord, I get it. You’re mighty and powerful. Show me something I don’t know.”

And yet, God didn’t reveal Himself in any of those forces of nature.

No, He revealed Himself through the sound of a gentle whisper.

When I look at my own life–my rushing around, taking my kids from one place to the next, working harder and faster, volunteering my time for good causes–I often feel caught up in a windstorm. My foundation feels shaky, and the fires of life burn hotter and hotter.

But when I slow down long enough to REST, God makes His whisper known.

This slowing down isn’t easy. I’ve had to step away from commitments I believe in–had to let work projects fall to the wayside–so I can spend one entire day a week with no agenda or commitments, other than rest.

But you know what? Those quiet whispers have been present. Even in the midst of my recent doubts and lack of trust, God has made His presence known.

A Voice of Peace in the midst of busy.

Where would you rate your life on the busyness scale? What are some intentional steps you can take this week to pause and rest?

*If you’re interested in getting a copy of Addicted to Busy, I can’t recommend it enough! It was truly life-changing for me. You can check it out at THIS LINK.


A Time to Rest: Pausing in the Midst of Busy
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