Let’s face it. We all love Thanksgiving for many reasons, but the biggest one is the FOOD.

Some of you might be wondering how you’ll survive the holiday without gaining ten pounds. You want to enjoy the tasty dishes that are prepared, but you also want to fit in your jeans the next day.

With that in mind, I’m sharing tips to help you navigate the Thanksgiving buffet this year.


1. Load up on turkey and vegetables.

Fill at least half of your plate with white turkey and as many vegetables as possible. Of course, a lot of vegetable dishes can be loaded with extra fat, cream, and sugar, especially on Thanksgiving. Choose small portions of those dishes and focus on vegetables that are closest to their natural state (a vegetable tray, simple baked sweet potatoes, etc.).

2. Limit “splurge” foods to two tablespoons each.

If sweet potato casserole or Grandma’s loaded mashed potatoes are a family staple, don’t keep yourself from enjoying them. Just watch your portion sizes. A two-tablespoon serving is a good rule of thumb. It gives you enough of a taste to be satisfied, but keeps you from over-indulging and ending up sick later.

3. Lighten up your dessert.

Let’s be honest…The dessert table is the highlight of a Thanksgiving feast. The good news? Pumpkin pie is one of the most waist-friendly desserts you can enjoy. To save calories, you could eat only the pumpkin filling and skip the crust. (This is a good tip to follow for any type of pie.) If your tastes lean toward heavier desserts, like pecan pie, try cutting a small sliver rather than taking a full piece. (One regular slice of pecan pie can pack between 500-700 calories. Yikes!)

4. Drink lots of water.

Since you’ll be eating more calories than usual, keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If you wake up feeling bloated the next day, try a room-temperature glass of lemon water to flush out toxins and aid the digestion process. The last thing you want is to spend the weekend recovering from a food coma. 🙂

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to connect with family and friends, focus on gratitude, and enjoy tasty food. By following these simple steps, you’ll set yourself up for a great time AND a healthy holiday.



A Thanksgiving Plan to Keep Your Diet Intact