If you saw my post last week, hopefully you were inspired to take the reins of your holiday schedule and make healthy plans.

We all know the challenge of finding time for exercise when we’re barely surviving our to-do lists. The good news? It IS possible to sneak exercise into your holiday activities.

Here are five ways you can do just that…


  1. Holiday baking: While each tray of cookies is in the oven, go up and down the stairs in your home, jog in place, or try my no-equipment at-home workout. When you’re finished, store the cookies out of sight (or donate them to a worthy cause) to avoid packing on the calories you just lost. 🙂
  2. Holiday shopping: Park in the back of the parking lot. Yes, I know this isn’t a new tip. But if you put it into practice (and pick up your pace from the car to the store), you’ll boost your metabolism and burn a few extra calories. Who doesn’t love that?
  3. Holiday decorating: Do a squat or pushup after placing each ornament on the tree. You might feel silly, but if you get your family involved, you might just start a new tradition.
  4. Holiday outings: Christmas is the perfect time to get out with your family and friends, bundle up, and enjoy lights displays. If you have a zoo or park nearby, they’re probably decked out for the holidays. If not, you can always take a walk through your neighborhood and vote on your favorite decorations.
  5. Holiday anytime: Add the Yoga Studio app to your phone. It’s not free, but it’s pretty close at only $3.99. It’s seriously the best Christmas present you could give yourself. I use mine at least twice a week and love all the class options it offers — from 10-minute “yoga fixes” to 30-minute and hour-long classes. It can be done in your own home — convenient and a perfect way to reduce stress during the holidays!

Of course, the usual exercise options are available too — fitness classes, gym memberships, etc. But if you’re feeling pinched for time, a little creativity will go a long way in helping you stay on track.

Choose one thing to get moving each day, and you’ll be on your way to a healthy, happy Christmas!


Five Ways to Sneak in Exercise During the Holidays
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