If you’re unfamiliar with wellness coaching, you’re not alone!

Wellness coaching¬†is a specialized branch of life coaching. It’s a fairly new field in the health and fitness industry, but it’s making great strides as a proven approach to bring about long-term change. (As opposed to the stereotypical “drill-sergeant” techniques – Can I get a hoorah?!) ūüôā

So what exactly does being “coached” mean? To explain, here’s my own personal journey…

In my “pre-coached” life,¬†I was a fitness instructor and author happily plugging along. Then I met a life coach and instantly connected with her. When she offered¬†to coach me, I signed up, not entirely sure what I was getting into, but feeling confident that it would be a good experience.

Let’s just say “good experience” is an understatement for the life transformation that happened! As I went through her coaching tools, my¬†view of the world¬†turned completely on its head. I was empowered with greater self-awareness, vision, and excitement¬†for God’s work in my life.

Deep down inside, a seed was planted. And the more it grew, the more I knew this coaching thing could be a powerful force in the world of health and fitness where I spend most of my time.

With all this in mind, I¬†began studying the art of coaching and earned my certification as a lifestyle wellness coach. (You can learn more about my qualifications HERE.) What I’ve discovered in the process¬†is¬†that lasting change IS within our grasp.


The truth is, you and I are much more than mere physical beings. Whenever we go to the grocery store or the gym, we bring more than our bodies. A plethora of factors meet in each moment to influence a singular choice at a time.

Should I buy this pint of ice cream?  My scale says no, but my taste buds say yes. My pocketbook says no, but my stressful week at work screams yes.

And that’s not even diving into the semantics of preset patterns, habits, etc., etc.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all let the stress win and picked up that pint of ice cream. Maybe we’ve even taken it home and eaten¬†the whole thing¬†in one sitting. Then we’ve woken up the next morning loathing our life even more, because now the scale¬†paints an even more dismal picture.

In this scenario, I picture a wellness coach as the voice that comes alongside you to help you rewire the messages in your brain.

It doesn’t say, “You should choose¬†an apple¬†instead of ice cream, and here are the scientific reasons¬†why.”

It says, “Let’s look at the factors that led you to choose ice cream in the first place. What can we discover about your motivation and thought patterns? How can we leverage¬†the tools you already possess¬†to¬†change your decision next time?”

As someone who has been coached, I can personally attest to its power. (Lightbulb moments were the norm for me, not the exception.) ūüôā

Wherever you are in your health journey, wellness coaching will empower you with tailored tools, motivation, and accountability for long-term change.

Best of luck in your journey!

(To learn more about my coaching philosophy and approach, click here.)


What Can a Wellness Coach Do for You?