I’ve been noticing a vicious cycle in the lives of women trying to live a healthier life. It’s a cycle that gets them optimistic about the opportunity to change, but when they’re on their own, they fall down time and again.

While they’re doing everything they can from a practical standpoint – planning meals, exercising, even spending time with God – they’re not seeing the progress they want. They get sucked back into the “I don’t care” trap that held them prisoner for so long. Or they get frustrated with themselves…or the scale…or anything else that seems to be holding them back.

As a coach and follower of God, do you know what I wish I could do for these women?

I wish I could point their frustration at the real source of the problem. I’d light a fire in them that makes them flippin’ mad at Satan for messing with their temple. I’d get them so fired up, they’d put their Fighter Girl on and tell him, “ENOUGH!”

“ENOUGH telling me I’m not worthy of God’s love.

ENOUGH telling me I can’t live healthy and free.

ENOUGH telling me that my unhealthy habits don’t really matter, that I don’t have anything to contribute to the kingdom of God.

Because you know what?

I AM worthy of God’s love. And thankfully He loves me too much to let me stay the way I am.

I CAN live healthy and free – free of the guilt and bondage that holds me back time and time again.

My unhealthy habits DO matter, because they’re keeping me from serving my King with no limitations.


I refuse to listen to your lies. I refuse to believe that I can do with my body what I want, because the One who sacrificed everything for me on the cross deserves so much more.

From here on out, I’m going to feed and move my body in ways that honor HIM. I’m going to fill my mind and heart with HIS truth so your voice is reduced to nothing. I’m going to show myself the same love, care, and grace HE shows me every day.

ENOUGH with your lies! I’m listening to a new Voice starting today.”

Oh my goodness, friends, can you imagine the victory?!

Maybe this needs to be your battle cry. Maybe you’re at that place of tearing yourself down over and over again.

Redirect your energy to the real problem today. Call on God’s help, and fight strong.

You’ve got this!


ONE SIMPLE STEP: Take a few minutes to be honest about your health. When you slip up, who or what gets the brunt of your frustration? Do you need to make this post your battle cry today?

ONE STEP FURTHER: If you’re ready to fight strong, print this post and read it aloud every morning as a declaration. Invite one or two friends to support you and pray for you through this process. (Even Moses needed help keeping his hands up during battle! Exodus 17:12-13)


ENOUGH! {a battle cry to reclaim your health}
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