I don’t know about you, but I can’t exercise without music. The beat and words always motivate me to put more effort into my workout.

Unfortunately a lot of the songs in most gyms have great music, but the words and underlying messages aren’t very uplifting.

The great news is there is a TON of great Christian music to get us moving. And the best part is we don’t have to worry about our kids listening to it too!

Since my iPod has almost 1,000 songs (yes, you read that right!), I decided to devote the next two weeks solely to my favorite “clean” fitness songs. This week I’m sharing my favorite upbeat songs that will get your feet moving. Next week I’ll share my favorite songs for when you need an inner boost of motivation to keep working toward your goals.

Pull up your Apple or Amazon music account and get ready to download…


  1. All the Way (Neon Feather Remix) by Capital Kings – APPLE / AMAZON
  2. Avalanche by Manafest – APPLE / AMAZON
  3. Brand New Day by KJ-52 – APPLE / AMAZON
  4. Dance All Night (feat. Tj Pompeo) by P. Lo Jetson – APPLE / AMAZON
  5. Feel It (feat. Mr. Talkbox) by tobyMac – APPLE / AMAZON
  6. F-I-R-E (feat. Manwell Reyes) by Press Play – APPLE / AMAZON
  7. Fireblazin by Capital Kings – APPLE / AMAZON
  8. I Feel So Alive by Capital Kings – APPLE / AMAZON
  9. Just a Little Bit by Allistair – APPLE / AMAZON
  10. Let It Out by Press Play – APPLE / AMAZON
  11. Light in Me (feat. Nicole Croteau) by David Thulin – APPLE / AMAZON
  12. #LITO by Press Play – APPLE / AMAZON
  13. Live Again (feat. Psalm Bird) by CJ Emulous – APPLE / AMAZON
  14. Never Going Back to OK by The Afters – APPLE / AMAZON
  15. The Paradigm (feat. Soul Glow Activatur) by Capital Kings – APPLE / AMAZON
  16. This Is Not a Test (feat. Toby Mac) [Capital Kings Remix] by Capital Kings – APPLE / AMAZON
  17. VIP (feat. Manwell Reyes) by Manic Drive – APPLE / AMAZON
  18. We Are Brave by Shawn McDonald – APPLE / AMAZON
  19. We Walk on Water by Shonlock – APPLE / AMAZON
  20. We Won’t Give Up by The Afters – APPLE / AMAZON


Christian Fitness Playlist: Top 20 Songs to Get You Moving
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