On Sunday, my husband’s 95-year-old grandma passed away. One of the last updates we received prior to her death informed us she was taking 2-4 breaths a minute.

Did you catch that? As few as two breaths a minute…

The thing is…Up until the end, Grandma Nita used every breath to share the love of her Savior. A woman who suffered from advanced dementia — who didn’t even know her own children anymore — was heard telling her caregivers about the goodness of God, was seen kneeling beside her bedside praying, and sat in front of her organ leading others in hymns of praise.

No breath wasted.

Her example gives me pause, because while I’m taking many more than two breaths a minute, I have to ask myself: How am I using this time I’m given?

Am I seeking to share God’s love? Am I kneeling before Him in prayer, asking Him to fill me up for the tasks of the day? Am I offering praise that’s due to Him alone?

The sobering reality is that like everyone else, I too will face a day when I take ZERO breaths a minute. My story will be written, final. And what will be left in my wake? It’s a hard question, isn’t it?

How would you answer that question?

When you take your final breaths, will you have lived a life of dreaming big and risking much? Will you be known as someone who loved your God, family, and friends without reserve? What about your enemies…Will they know you loved them too? How will your life matter for something beyond yourself?

These breaths of today are a gift. You only get one chance to make them count. So don’t let them go to waste.

Dream. Love. Breathe. LIVE.





Two Breaths a Minute {A Reminder to LIVE}
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