All right, friends, let’s face it. We’ll be┬ácelebrating the Day of Love tomorrow, and most of us will focus on our relationships, whether it’s with a spouse, children, or significant other. That’s a wonderful, beautiful thing.

But how many of you will also celebrate Valentine’s Day as a way to love yourself?

What if you set aside time to take care of your body and soul this week? What if you poured into yourself the same attention and care you give your loved ones?

This isn’t meant to be a selfish thing. Of course love your family well. Of course feed them and nurture them and say, “I love you,” to them. Those are important, biblical things.

But if you’re putting everyone else first to the point that you’re serving from an empty oxygen tank? That’s not God’s way, my friend.

There’s a reason He rested on the seventh day when He created the earth. In the Ten Commandments, He instructed the Israelites to treat the Sabbath as a day of “total and complete rest.” (Lev. 23:3, MSG) In fact, He called that day “holy” and “sacred.”

So if you’ve been pouring and pouring and giving and giving, maybe it’s time to learn how to love yourself again. Maybe it means setting aside an entire day, or maybe it means setting aside a few hours…or even a few minutes.

Whatever you need, don’t give from an empty tank. Use the ideas offered below as a springboard to show YOURSELF some love this week.

You are worth it, my friend.

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Happy Love Day!


20 Ways to Show Yourself Love
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