In my coaching experience, planning meals is the number one way to set yourself up for success.

But let’s be honest… Sometimes you just get a snack attackĀ and want to throw your plans out the window. Instead of giving in to the munchies, try one of the ideas below. Even in moments of temptation, healthy choices CAN be made!

10 Ways to Avoid a Snack Attack:

1. Chew on ice.
2. Paint your nails.
3. Go outside for some fresh air. Better yet, take a walk!
4. Chew sugar-free gum.
5. Drink lemon water or peppermint tea.
6. Post a motivational quote on your fridge or in your pantry.
7. Turn off the lights in your kitchen. Go to the opposite end of your house and do something active.
8. Freshen up your make-up, especially your lipstick or gloss.
9. Pray, read your Bible, or listen to worship music.
10. Brush your teeth.


10 Ways to Avoid a Snack Attack
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