This post is for the person who’s plugging along in life, putting one foot in front of the other, day after day. It’s for the person who’s rocking their diet and fitness plan and also for the person who feels like a failure.

You’ve woken up to a new day. A new day of choices yet to be made, food yet to be eaten, steps yet to be taken. Before you start a single thing, there’s one question you have to ask yourself.


Why do I care what I put in my body? Why does it matter that I exercise and get more sleep?

And then when you answer that question, ask yourself WHY again. Why is that the reason you want to take care of your body? What’s at the core of your existence that’s driving you to do better, push harder, live healthier?

Then ask yourself one more time: WHY TODAY?

If you don’t make healthy choices today, what’s at stake? What do you lose? If you DO make healthy choices today, what’s at stake? What do you gain?

The reality is, whether you’re rocking this health and fitness thing or you’re barely keeping your head above water, if you don’t ask yourself why, you might as well be a robot. Emotionless, purposeless, lifeless.

Instead of letting auto-pilot rule your choices — for good or bad — connect to your deeper goals. What’s really at stake for you? Why are you here on earth? What drives you to do better? Then go forth and chase that purpose with everything you’ve got.

The One Question You Should Ask Yourself TODAY
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