“Sarah has an easy and immediate connection with her audience. Her tender heart is evident when she speaks.”
Robin Jones Gunn, bestselling author

One of my favorite things to do is inspire audiences toward their full potential. I speak in a variety of venues, including churches, women’s gatherings, and weight-loss support groups. I’m happy to customize my talk to best suit your needs.

Below you’ll find a sampling of my speaking topics. If you’re interested in learning more, fill out the form below, and I’ll be in contact with you soon. To see what others are saying, click here for testimonials.


Speaking Topics

6 S.I.M.P.L.E. Steps to a Healthy, Happy Family – Do you struggle to get your kids to eat their veggies? Does your spouse whine when you cook a new “diet” recipe? Learn easy, practical tips to transform your kitchen and make your family healthy AND happy.

photo credit: Karen Barnett

An Exercise Plan That Works – Does the word “exercise” make you cringe? Do you struggle to find ways to exercise that are enjoyable and mesh with your schedule? Learn four keys to make exercise work for you, and create an action plan that fits the framework of YOUR life.

Food Made Easy – Do you feel lost and confused at the grocery store? Do you want to understand which foods to select and which to pass, without hearing a lecture on what you’re doing wrong? This talk will provide a clear plan + easy, practical steps to make healthy food choices – no guilt involved.

Help! I’m a Robot: How to Turn Your Eating Habits Around – Do you find yourself reaching for the same foods day after day? Do you feel helpless to change your eating cycle? Discover the secret to a healthy approach to food, and learn practical tips to go from “robot” to “empowered”.

How to Find Breathing Space in the Rat Race of Life – Is stress taking a toll on your body and spirit? Do you find yourself rushing from one place to the next, with no time to rest? Learn how to better understand your stress, and take practical steps to restore your health and your walk with God.

photo credit: Christian Barreno

The Secret to Hope and Healing – When you face health struggles, you probably want a little bit of hope and a whole lot of healing. With heart-stirring emotion and sound Biblical truth, Sarah will inspire you to view your health from a different lens. Maybe your struggle is about something different than you ever imagined.

Your Personal Wellness Profile – Most people fall into one of four categories when it comes to their health. What is your personal wellness profile, and how could it be transformed into something more? No matter where you fall on the health spectrum, this in-depth Bible study will challenge you to realign your purpose and partner with God on a new mission.

Christmas: Survive the Holidays with Your Health Intact – The end of the year is the hardest time to avoid temptation, from the Thanksgiving table to Christmas parties to cookie-baking marathons. Learn practical ways to enjoy the holidays, keep your health goals on track, and make wise (but still tasty) choices.

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“I attended Sarah’s classes and found her to be an enjoyable, uplifting speaker! She is encouraging and very positive. I recommend her as a Christ-centered addition to any event! What a lovely lady!”

— Anita, wellness class attendee

“Sarah is well-spoken, authentic, and relatable. I appreciated all the resources she provided along with the wealth of information in class materials. The class taught me that small victories count! I’ve finally made the mind-body connection and learned to focus on health, not appearance.”

— Becky, wellness class attendee

“Sarah has a unique way of making her audience feel welcome. This is one of the many traits that makes her a phenomenal speaker. I also admire Sarah’s ability to lead a group in prayer. She has so much valuable information to share. I would never miss an opportunity to hear her speak!”

— Lisa, class attendee

“I have attended both a wellness seminar and regular twice-weekly exercise classes with Sarah. She has helped make me “well” in many ways including physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Her ways of teaching are very informative as well as gentle and emboldening. The instant connection she is able to make by her first introduction makes opening up emotionally very simple and boosts her credibility as an instructor. She is truly someone that I personally look up to, and her kindness, encouragement, and passion are things that do not go unnoticed by the members of her activity or wellness classes.”

— Brianna, class attendee

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