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Top 5 Ways Kids Will Change Your Life

Top 5 Ways Kids Will Change Your Life | www.sarahforgrave.comNo one ever warns new parents what’s coming.

We all watch them hang cute pictures on the nursery walls and dream of cuddling with their baby. They envision sleep-filled nights in which their child only cries 0.2 minutes…and only when they need their diaper changed.

I know what you moms are thinking out there. Yeah right! Let’s face it…Children are wonderful, and they change our lives for the better. But no one tells us how things really play out in the day-to-day.

So take note, new moms (and take heart, current moms who think they’re alone). Here are the top 5 ways your life will never be the same…

5) Showers. You’ll be lucky to get them. And while you’re washing your hair, you’ll worry about whether your baby is crying or whether your older kids are killing each other. And then you’ll worry that you’re a bad mom because you’re taking a minute for yourself. It’s called mom guilt. It will be your companion for the rest of your life.

4) Eating. Every bite you take will be watched and will be followed by requests (aka, demands) for food and drink. You’ll find yourself going on covert missions to the pantry, sneaking a bite of chocolate and praying you’re not discovered. And then you’ll feel guilty for enjoying a treat while depriving your children. Remember that mom guilt? It’s baaack.

3) TV. No longer will you be able to watch whatever you want. Your kids don’t care that it’s the finale of Dancing with the Stars. They want Mickey and Elmo. My suggestion? Put them to bed early and enjoy the show. (And tell the mom guilt to take a hike.)

Top 5 Ways Kids Will Change Your Life | www.sarahforgrave.com2) Vacations. They’re no longer a vacation. You’ll be on duty 24/7. Have visions of resting on the beach while your children quietly build sandcastles like the world’s next great architects? Nope. They’ll be burying you in the sand while you try to take a nap. Enjoy!

1) Grocery shopping. You’ll either love it or detest it. If your spouse stays home with the kids, you’ll feel like you just won the lottery. An hour to yourself? Sweet! On the other hand, if you have to drag your kids to the store with you, good luck. Suddenly you’ll sympathize with all those frazzled moms you used to judge. Y’know, the ones whose kids threw a temper tantrum in the checkout line? Yep, you’re that mom now.

And somewhere in the midst of all this, you’ll remember that these little souls are gifts from God, and yep, you’ll feel guilty for wanting your old life back. But you’ll also be thankful that they remind you to not be selfish, to love someone a tiny fraction of the size of God’s love for us, to strive for wholeness in Him.

So enjoy them while they’re young. And start saving for college.


If you’re a parent, what has most surprised you about parenthood? Anything to add to my list? If you’re not a parent, do any of these things surprise you?

*Pink baby photo by Timeless Photography / Beach photo by John Whiles / Both from FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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Exercise Options for the Busy Mom

Earlier this week I guest posted at Mumbling Mommy, sharing exercise options for the busy mom. Since it ties into my Friday theme of fitness, I decided to send you over there today.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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Five Ways to Stay Sane while Raising Cain (or Jane)

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to welcome author Jeanette Levellie to my blog today! Whenever I visit her site, I always know I’m in for a smile and a laugh. And she also sprinkles in Godly wisdom to uplift and encourage. That’s exactly what her post does today. If you’re a busy mom like me, keep reading. You won’t be disappointed.


Guest Post by Jeanette Levellie

When Sarah asked me to write a guest post for moms juggling careers, kids, and kisses—chocolate or otherwise—I was happier than a cat with dirty paws on your car hood. Although my kids are done being kids, I’ve learned a few secrets—mostly the hard way—of managing my time when I had only scraps of it to manage.

  1. Give God the first portion of your day. He’ll give back to you the time you need to accomplish your goals. Giving and receiving works for time as well as money, and you cannot out give the Lord. You can read your Bible while baby naps or sits in her bouncy seat at your side. You can pray while you do laundry, cook, and take a shower.  God is your best ally in the war against insanity and overload!
  2. Utilize wee snippets of time to work on big projects.  Of course, you’d rather have three hours at a time than ten minutes while Daddy bathes Sophie. But never underestimate the power of little chunks of time to accomplish big goals. Even God created the universe in increments.  He is able and willing to help you create your masterpiece in portions.
  3. Flush the perfect house fantasy. Be willing to let the bed go rumply, hubby to make supper, or the laundry to pile up for a few days. I don’t mean it’s okay to live like Jonah in the whale’s belly—with seaweed in your hair and nothing to eat—but if you need a pristine abode, you’ll have to wait ‘til Claude and Claudette grow up to start a writing career.
  4. Simplify your environment and life. The more clothes to clean, toys to pick up, and meetings to attend, the more discombobulated you’ll feel. And the less you’ll accomplish. Get rid of half your junque and most of your memberships. Now you’re free to focus on people and your dreams.
  5. Put no more than five items on your to do list each day. I know it sounds crazy, since you have 100 things to accomplish each day. If you write down 45 and only get five done, you’ll beat yourself up for not being more productive. But if you only write down five, when you get those done, you can add more, along with a feeling of accomplishment.

Thanks, Sarah, for inviting me to your lovely world. I hope something I shared today helps a tied-in-knots mom get loose, and closer to the peace and abundant life Jesus promised.

Now let’s generate a little dialog. What time monsters attack you most often? What secrets have you found for managing your days?  Do you have any questions for me?


More about Jeanette:

“Nutty with a dash of meat” best describes Jeanette Levellie’s speaking, writing and life. She has published hundreds of humor/inspirational columns, articles, greeting cards, and poems. A spunky pastor’s wife, Jeanette is the mother of two, grandmother of three, and waitress to four cats. Her debut humor/inspirational book, Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top releases April 10. Find her mirthful musings at www.jeanettelevellie.com.


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Writer Mom Recommends: The Stain-Removing Super Team!

There are certain things no one warned me about before I had kids. Like the fact that waking up to an alarm clock is considered “sleeping in”. Or that “getting dressed” means putting a sweatshirt over your pajamas and calling it good.

And then there’s the laundry.

Not only did my laundry piles increase in size once I welcomed children to the world, but the level of messes on the clothes increased too. I spend a good half-hour treating stains before I even get the washer started. (If you ever wonder why I haven’t replied to comments here yet, chances are I’m busy scrubbing last night’s spaghetti sauce off of a shirt. :))

So with all that said, I’ve become quite the stain-removing expert. And today I’d like to introduce you to my super team!

Let’s break ’em down:

1) Shout spray (or any kind of spray, for that matter) is my surface-layer treatment. I use it to spray measly stains right before tossing the clothes in the washer. It’s not recommended for things that need to sit for a week ’cause it’ll make them fade.

2) Resolve Stain Stick is my treat-now-wash-later treatment (as they tout on the label). It doesn’t necessarily kill the toughest stains, but it’s great for treating a stain immediately after it happens and then tossing it in the laundry basket until wash day.

3) Shout Advanced Gel is my heavy-duty get-anything-out treatment. Let me tell you, this stuff is tough on stains. It can be applied a few days before wash day, but it can cause a little fading so proceed with caution if you’re using it on colorful clothes. I don’t know if it’s the little scrubby brush thing or the ingredients they use, but I save this gel for my toughest stains. Nine times out of ten it gets rid of them (And we all know 10 out of 10 is impossible since certain stains never come out unless you catch them right away).

So there you have it–my stain removing super-team!

Do you use any of these products? What are your favorite stain-removal secrets? How much time do you spend each week battling stains?


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Writer Mom Recommends: Boz!

I have a confession to make: Sometimes I’m a bad mom. You know what I mean. When I have a day full of responsibilities, I’ve been known to turn on the TV and let my kids veg out to their heart’s content.

And worse, I’ve been known to let them veg on shows that were educational but that had no spiritual component to them. Then I’d hear my son say something that made me think, “Yikes, THAT’S what he’s learning?”

I’ve struggled to find something age appropriate that combined the values of faith with education. My four-year-old doesn’t really connect with Veggie Tales. He loves to listen to the Sunday Morning Songs from them, but that’s about it. I don’t think he gets the humor yet.

So what’s a busy mom to do?

Meet Boz, the Green Bear Next Door.

Boz is a lovable bear who goes on adventures with his neighbor kids. And of course, they learn something new about God’s world along the way. My son is seriously enraptured whenever Boz is on. And while I avoid those bad-mom days as much as possible, I can rest assured that if my kiddos do spend time in front of the TV, they’re watching something educational that also reinforces our beliefs.

If you want to see what Boz is all about, here’s a link to the website.

What shows do your kids like to watch (or did they watch when they were younger), and how do those shows appeal to their age group? Any recommendations for other wholesome options?

*TV Photo by digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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