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Top 5 Signs You’re Addicted to Multi-Tasking


5. After countless boil-overs on the stove, your fire department has banned you from using your cell phone while making supper.

4. Your morning routine involves brushing your teeth, putting on your make-up, and taking a shower…all at the same time.

3. “Don’t text and drive” billboards have your picture on them.

2. You take your laptop into the bathroom and catch up on emails while you piddle.

1. Listening to your husband talk about his day while combing your 3-year-old’s hair while feeding the fish while setting the table and feeding the baby? That’s just called ‘motherhood’!

(Soon after I scheduled this post, I read in Prevention magazine that “digital multitasking slashes your IQ by 10 points”. By digital multitasking, they mean emailing, texting, and tweeting almost simultaneously. *gulp* No wonder my head’s been feeling lighter lately…I think a quiet walk in the woods is in order.)

Are you a multi-tasker? What’s your worst multi-tasking habit? If you’ve overcome the habit, please share any and all tips for the rest of us! 🙂

*Photo by Pong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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